Safety Helmets With Visor: Helmets That Can Accommodate Your Needs

Safety Helmets With Visor: Helmets That Can Accommodate Your Needs

A great deal of protection is necessary when you are constantly exposed to dangers, especially when it is always present at work. In the construction industry, one of the deadliest injuries is caused by a shock to the head, whether it is caused by falling or flying debris, falling from a great height, or electrocution. That is why it is mandatory for construction workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever they work in construction sites, as there is always the possibility of befalling these injuries.

Safety helmets are one of the most common and well-known safety gear worn typically by construction workers. In fact, it is almost like a symbol representing their occupation. However, safety helmets are not limited to these jobs, as various protective helmets can also be worn during any activity that might pose any risk of head injury, such as adventure sports. This article will be focused on reviewing the occupational safety helmet: the Ffrost Safety Helmet with visors.

The Ffrost Safety Helmets

The Ffrost brand offers a variety of safety helmets for different levels of protection, but are all designed to their brand’s principle: safety and comfort. Read on to find out more about these safety helmets and why they are the perfect brand for you.

Built for protection

Only the highest quality materials currently available in the market are used to construct the overall product. A combination of carbon fibre and Sorbothane ensures that the outer shell will be able to withstand strong impacts and disperse it across the surface of the helmet. The internal lining is dipped in polymer to ensure shock absorption, further dampening the impact on the head. These features in combination with the structural build all help in protecting the most vulnerable areas of your head.

Built for comfort

While the outside structure and shape are built to industry standards, the unique feature the Ffrost brand offers is the perfect fit. Each helmet is customised to be built around you– the latest 3D scanning technology allows your specific head shape to be incorporated into the design for an accurate custom fit. Not only is it sturdy and stable, but it can also be worn for the whole day with minimal discomfort. This is perfect for construction workers who work day in and day out, for a long-lasting safety helmet.

Built for adaptability

The Ffrost Safety Helmets are highly customisable not only for your head shape but for other additional protective gear. Special attachments can be put in place to place visors, which can extend the protection from your head to your face. This will keep your whole head safe from any debris, and can even protect your eyes from welding spatters that can damage your eyesight. 

Special hearing protection or other necessary accessories and attachments can be discussed and adjusted as necessary.

If you’re looking for durable, high-quality safety helmets for a long time use, the Ffrost Safety Helmet can surely be your best bet as it provides protection, comfort, and portability all in one.