Junior Cricket Helmets: The Ffrost Helmet Experience

Junior Cricket Helmets: The Ffrost Helmet Experience

Cricket is a sport which originated in England and was later introduced to the English colonies, making it a widely popular sport. The game consists of two teams of 11 players with batsmen and bowlers. Junior cricket has been established with the aim of providing children with a fun experience with the sport at an early age. Junior cricket also emphasises the importance of forming healthy social relations with other children while enjoying a common interest.

While this is meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages, this is still a sport which poses several hazards. The objective of the game is to score as many runs as possible, and this is done when a batsman successfully hits the ball. With a ball bowled at speeds of around 90 mph, the average speed for professional players, there is always a certain level of threat to safety when it comes to playing this game. Luckily, modern technology has made sports a lot safer, with the creation of various safety gears that allow players to be able to perform without worrying too much about safety. In this article, we will tackle why Ffrost Cricket Helmets can provide you with the best junior cricket helmet on the market.

Junior Cricket Helmets by Ffrost Helmets

The cricket helmets from the Ffrost brand use a versatile design that provides the best comfort in line with the best protection. Here are some of the best features of Ffrost helmets that go perfectly with junior cricket helmets.

Optimized protection on all fronts

The outer shell of the helmet consists of layers of protective material for your head using only the best materials available in the market. The outer layer is made of carbon fibre, a common material used in various helmets, such as motorcycle helmets, as it is very durable and known to withstand great impacts. The inner layer is Sorbothane which further protects the head as it absorbs the remaining shock from the ball. This combination is proven to withstand high speeds as it is tested against speeds of up to 120 mph. Furthermore, the titanium grills make sure that your face will also be safe without sacrificing overall visibility.

Optimized comfort for every player

One of the main reasons why Ffrost Cricket Helmets stand out among most helmets is because of how it is made. Apart from the materials being naturally lightweight, the shape is bespoke for each player. How does it do this? The latest 3D scanning technology allows them to scan and assess an individual’s facial features and align their design towards maximum comfort. Grills can be adjusted to account for visibility, and facial and head features are adjusted for maximised comfort. As junior cricket players tend to have a variety of head sizes and facial features due to their continuing growth, it is important to find a helmet that can fit just right.

In line with the goal of establishing junior cricket as an enjoyable sport for children, The Ffrost Junior Cricket Helmet provides safety without sacrificing their comfort, allowing them to move freely and have fun with their friends without worrying about safety.

Cricket Helmets: Choosing the best one

Cricket Helmets: Choosing the best one

Cricket is a popular sport around the UK and a growing number of countries across the world. It is a bat-and-ball game requiring two teams of 11 players to compete against each other. In each round, there is a team who bowls the ball, and a team who will attempt to hit it. In some ways, this game is similar to baseball, however, this sport is more physically taxing, as it is more permissive of batsmen getting hit. With a ball as heavy as 160 grams flying at speeds of around 90 mph, cricket is also considered to be a dangerous sport.

With that said, safety is of utmost importance when participating in this game. There have been numerous deaths throughout the history of this sport but has since declined after a provision requiring helmets for batsmen and wicketkeepers. However, if you are a player yourself, you would soon recognize that after safety, your comfort in playing is next in line, otherwise, your abilities would suffer greatly. In this article, we will talk about your best choice in helmets when it comes to safety, without compromising your playing ability.


The Ffrost Cricket Helmets

The Ffrost Cricket Helmets provide one-of-a-kind protection as it does not shy away from comfort and style while giving you maximum safety. How does it do this? 


High-quality materials providing peak protection

The helmet itself is made out of layers of protection from the best materials used in the market. The outer shell is made of carbon fibre which is proven the best in withstanding great impacts, shielding your head from the ball heading towards you with high momentum. The inner shell is made from Sorbothane known to also be a great absorber of impacts. This powerful combination will cushion your head as it is tested against speeds of up to 120 mph. This helmet also comes with titanium grills which provide additional protection to the face. This will ensure overall protection from the heavy impacts of the ball.


Bespoke for maximum visibility and comfort

This is where Ffrost Cricket Helmets stand out from the rest of the competition. The materials used are very lightweight and what’s more, they are made to fit any head size or shape. These helmets are created using the latest technology in 3D scanning, making sure that every facial and head feature is taken into consideration– and that includes maximum visibility. What’s great about using this technology is that your helmet can be adjusted so that your line of sight will not have to do the adjusting. With the help of these data, your helmet will be able to fit you perfectly ensuring maximum performance.


Versatile and adjustable style

The Ffrost Cricket Helmets provides two models you can choose from. The Club and the Pro model. Let’s take a look at the following comparison of the models.




  • For casual sports events
  • Bespoke, one-time use of 3D scans
  • Simple design
  • For professional sports
  • Bespoke, 3D scans can be saved for future purchases
  • Able to accommodate brand logos, colours, and other style adjustments


It is important to note that both designs provide peak protection and comfort, but the Pro model has more room for design changes. If you play this sport casually, then the Club model is the perfect one for you. If you are looking to go pro, then also go for the Pro model, as it will allow you to easily change designs in the case of playing for multiple teams.


Ffrost Cricket Helmets: Ultimate Protection and Comfort

Ffrost Cricket Helmets: Ultimate Protection and Comfort

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that has been present centuries ahead of our time. It is England’s national summer sport but is also enjoyed and played all over the world. The technicality of the sport requires a bowler to have power and speed coupled with the right technique to be able to manoeuvre the ball accurately. On the opposite team, the batsman is required to have agility, strength, and speed as they attempt to hit the ball in full force. However, this is not an easy feat. When a ball is bowled towards a batsman, there may be instances where it may hit critical parts of the body, such as the player’s head. With a ball flying at high speeds, batsmen and wicket-keepers must wear the proper safety equipment to prevent injury.

Cricket helmets are one of the most essential protective equipment within the sport, as it protects the head from injuries that may be serious or fatal. These are special helmets with face protectors as well, for all-out protection for the head. However, choosing the perfect helmet is still important, as it allows the player to bring out their best without suffering the inconveniences of a substandard helmet, or worse, having inadequate protection. Read more below on why the Ffrost line of cricket helmets is definitely made for you.

High-quality materials for ultimate protection

There are two layers of protection in this helmet made from the highest quality materials found in the market. The outermost layer is lined with carbon fibre panels which are excellent materials that can withstand great force, and these also protect the internal lining of the exoskeleton which are Sorbothane bumpers which are great absorbers of impact and allow it to disperse across the surface of the helmet. The grills on the face guard are made from titanium and have been tested against impacts from speeds up to 120 miles per hour (an average cricket ball speed is around 100 mph). This will allow overall protection from any direction.

Bespoke for improved performance and versatility

The Ffrost brand believes that quality also considers the player’s comfort in wearing the helmet for long periods of time. The Ffrost Cricket Helmets are made to be the most lightweight headgear in the market, with a tailored fit to allow maximum comfort that will bring out the best in a player. Using the latest 3D-scanning technology, it creates a perfect helmet, especially for you. 

In addition, there are two models that you can choose from, Club or Pro. The Club model is your regular wear, for casual sports events. The Pro model especially caters to professional players, for which designs are allowed to vary and to accommodate logos, brand colours, and all other adjustments to the look. The 3D scans for the players are kept to be able to create more helmets in the future as necessary and allow easier changing of designs in the case that the player has multiple teams.

The Ffrost brand creates a line of helmets built for safety and individual comfort. Find out more about their other helmets here: Ffrost Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets: Hard Hat Colour Codes

Safety Helmets: Hard Hat Colour Codes

Have you ever been to construction sites and wondered why their hard hats vary in colour? You may see workers wearing white, orange, black, or blue hats, and chances are, you’re wearing a blue one for your site visit. Safety helmets are mandatory safety equipment when working in construction sites or similar environments which may pose physical dangers. Hard hats help protect the head from flying debris or when falling from great heights. That is why it is a must when working in these areas.

What does the colour signify?

If you look closely, there is no distinct difference between the physical features of each hat. That is because the colours are meant to differentiate various workers and their skillsets and qualifications. Under the Health & Safety Section of Build UK, a standardised colour code for these hats was published to establish a consensus across the industry.  Setting this standard will help tell each worker apart for both safety and efficiency purposes. Here is a summary of the colour codes and how they can help you.

Black hats

These are worn by supervisors or foremen. If you are in need of any assistance or have issues or concerns, you can look for a worker with a black hard hat on and they’ll be sure to know how to best handle your situation.

White hats

Site managers, competent operatives, and vehicle marshals are assigned this colour. They may seem to vary in terms of work, but they are typically the most skilled in their fields. If you have trouble telling them apart, a site manager would usually wear more formal clothes, unlike other workers.

Orange hats

If you need help with lifting objects on site, you may look for the workers with orange hats. They are slinger signallers, the people who are in charge of directing crane operators (or other lifting machinery operators) as they serve as their eyes and ears on the ground.

Blue hats

These are worn by people who do not bear the responsibilities above. These may be apprentices, site visitors, etc. If you see someone with a blue hat on their own, or if you yourself find yourself alone wearing your blue hat, it is best to find someone who can accompany you through your visit. 

Red or green stickers

Some hats may have red or green stickers with a white cross in the middle. These are for quick responders such as trained fire marshals (red) and first raiders (green). They may also be wearing a hat of the same colour, red or green, for better visibility. 

Why is the colour important?

It is important for everyone to know how to easily identify people and their qualifications, to efficiently handle situations within the site. This is important especially when safety is concerned. From a business perspective, construction projects can be stopped if they do not follow this regulation. 

If you are looking to have your hard hat customised, it is best to have them bespoke to fit your needs. Check out our review for Ffrost Safety Helmets and why they are the perfect fit for you!

Safety Helmets With Ear Defenders: The Perfect Hybrid

Safety Helmets With Ear Defenders: The Perfect Hybrid

Various industries pose hazards within the work environment. Among others, construction sites constantly expose workers to possible risks and dangers, such as flying or falling debris, or falling from great heights. To counter possible injuries from these dangers, safety standards are put into place for working in especially hazardous workplaces such as construction sites. The EN 397 standard covers protection from falling objects, through the wearing of hard hats or safety helmets that are up to standard and appropriate for the workplace.

Safety helmets are regarded as a global personal protective equipment (PPE). However, there may be some confusion in choosing the right safety helmet that are suitable for specific sites. In line with this, it may be helpful to take a look at Ffrost Safety Helmets and why they offer the versatility you may need when choosing your hard hat.

Up to par with safety standards

The Ffrost brand prioritises safety above all, which is why the creation of each hard hat is made up to par with existing safety standards. The outer shell is made of carbon fibre and Sorbothane which effectively disperses impacts across the surface of the hat. The inner lining is dipped in polymer for better shock absorption, maximising the protection of the head. The combination of these high-quality materials makes it very durable and long-lasting, ensuring it can be used for long periods of time.

Bespoke to fit unique features

The main selling point of Ffrost Safety Helmets is its ability to be warped to your individual features. With the help of the latest 3D-scanning technology, your head and facial features are taken into account and the design of the hat is adjusted accordingly. This makes sure that your head is snug inside the hard hat and not too loose or too tight, especially in areas where there may be slight differences in shape. The hat’s materials are lightweight to allow you to wear it all day without being much of a heavy lift. The bespoke design, along with the standard materials, makes for a highly protective and comfortable safety helmet.

Versatile design for various industries

Many provisions for other accessories or additional protective equipment can easily be adjusted as necessary as it is bespoke. For example, an attachment for ear defenders can be placed into the design for workers involved in forestry or sawmill industries. This can help protect the eardrums from damaging noises present in the work environment. No need to figure out how to wear multiple safety equipment when they can be joined together into one. Aside from ear defenders, eye shields may also be attached to the hat itself, as long as the specifications meet the standards.

The Ffrost Safety Helmets produces safety helmets that are easily adjusted according to the user’s needs. Apart from safety, comfort is also one of the top priorities that may be good to consider when choosing the right fit.

Safety Helmets With Visor: Helmets That Can Accommodate Your Needs

Safety Helmets With Visor: Helmets That Can Accommodate Your Needs

A great deal of protection is necessary when you are constantly exposed to dangers, especially when it is always present at work. In the construction industry, one of the deadliest injuries is caused by a shock to the head, whether it is caused by falling or flying debris, falling from a great height, or electrocution. That is why it is mandatory for construction workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever they work in construction sites, as there is always the possibility of befalling these injuries.

Safety helmets are one of the most common and well-known safety gear worn typically by construction workers. In fact, it is almost like a symbol representing their occupation. However, safety helmets are not limited to these jobs, as various protective helmets can also be worn during any activity that might pose any risk of head injury, such as adventure sports. This article will be focused on reviewing the occupational safety helmet: the Ffrost Safety Helmet with visors.

The Ffrost Safety Helmets

The Ffrost brand offers a variety of safety helmets for different levels of protection, but are all designed to their brand’s principle: safety and comfort. Read on to find out more about these safety helmets and why they are the perfect brand for you.

Built for protection

Only the highest quality materials currently available in the market are used to construct the overall product. A combination of carbon fibre and Sorbothane ensures that the outer shell will be able to withstand strong impacts and disperse it across the surface of the helmet. The internal lining is dipped in polymer to ensure shock absorption, further dampening the impact on the head. These features in combination with the structural build all help in protecting the most vulnerable areas of your head.

Built for comfort

While the outside structure and shape are built to industry standards, the unique feature the Ffrost brand offers is the perfect fit. Each helmet is customised to be built around you– the latest 3D scanning technology allows your specific head shape to be incorporated into the design for an accurate custom fit. Not only is it sturdy and stable, but it can also be worn for the whole day with minimal discomfort. This is perfect for construction workers who work day in and day out, for a long-lasting safety helmet.

Built for adaptability

The Ffrost Safety Helmets are highly customisable not only for your head shape but for other additional protective gear. Special attachments can be put in place to place visors, which can extend the protection from your head to your face. This will keep your whole head safe from any debris, and can even protect your eyes from welding spatters that can damage your eyesight. 

Special hearing protection or other necessary accessories and attachments can be discussed and adjusted as necessary.

If you’re looking for durable, high-quality safety helmets for a long time use, the Ffrost Safety Helmet can surely be your best bet as it provides protection, comfort, and portability all in one.