Cricket Helmets: Choosing the best one

Cricket Helmets: Choosing the best one

Cricket is a popular sport around the UK and a growing number of countries across the world. It is a bat-and-ball game requiring two teams of 11 players to compete against each other. In each round, there is a team who bowls the ball, and a team who will attempt to hit it. In some ways, this game is similar to baseball, however, this sport is more physically taxing, as it is more permissive of batsmen getting hit. With a ball as heavy as 160 grams flying at speeds of around 90 mph, cricket is also considered to be a dangerous sport.

With that said, safety is of utmost importance when participating in this game. There have been numerous deaths throughout the history of this sport but has since declined after a provision requiring helmets for batsmen and wicketkeepers. However, if you are a player yourself, you would soon recognize that after safety, your comfort in playing is next in line, otherwise, your abilities would suffer greatly. In this article, we will talk about your best choice in helmets when it comes to safety, without compromising your playing ability.


The Ffrost Cricket Helmets

The Ffrost Cricket Helmets provide one-of-a-kind protection as it does not shy away from comfort and style while giving you maximum safety. How does it do this? 


High-quality materials providing peak protection

The helmet itself is made out of layers of protection from the best materials used in the market. The outer shell is made of carbon fibre which is proven the best in withstanding great impacts, shielding your head from the ball heading towards you with high momentum. The inner shell is made from Sorbothane known to also be a great absorber of impacts. This powerful combination will cushion your head as it is tested against speeds of up to 120 mph. This helmet also comes with titanium grills which provide additional protection to the face. This will ensure overall protection from the heavy impacts of the ball.


Bespoke for maximum visibility and comfort

This is where Ffrost Cricket Helmets stand out from the rest of the competition. The materials used are very lightweight and what’s more, they are made to fit any head size or shape. These helmets are created using the latest technology in 3D scanning, making sure that every facial and head feature is taken into consideration– and that includes maximum visibility. What’s great about using this technology is that your helmet can be adjusted so that your line of sight will not have to do the adjusting. With the help of these data, your helmet will be able to fit you perfectly ensuring maximum performance.


Versatile and adjustable style

The Ffrost Cricket Helmets provides two models you can choose from. The Club and the Pro model. Let’s take a look at the following comparison of the models.




  • For casual sports events
  • Bespoke, one-time use of 3D scans
  • Simple design
  • For professional sports
  • Bespoke, 3D scans can be saved for future purchases
  • Able to accommodate brand logos, colours, and other style adjustments


It is important to note that both designs provide peak protection and comfort, but the Pro model has more room for design changes. If you play this sport casually, then the Club model is the perfect one for you. If you are looking to go pro, then also go for the Pro model, as it will allow you to easily change designs in the case of playing for multiple teams.