Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that has been present centuries ahead of our time. It is England’s national summer sport but is also enjoyed and played all over the world. The technicality of the sport requires a bowler to have power and speed coupled with the right technique to be able to manoeuvre the ball accurately. On the opposite team, the batsman is required to have agility, strength, and speed as they attempt to hit the ball in full force. However, this is not an easy feat. When a ball is bowled towards a batsman, there may be instances where it may hit critical parts of the body, such as the player’s head. With a ball flying at high speeds, batsmen and wicket-keepers must wear the proper safety equipment to prevent injury.

Cricket helmets are one of the most essential protective equipment within the sport, as it protects the head from injuries that may be serious or fatal. These are special helmets with face protectors as well, for all-out protection for the head. However, choosing the perfect helmet is still important, as it allows the player to bring out their best without suffering the inconveniences of a substandard helmet, or worse, having inadequate protection. Read more below on why the Ffrost line of cricket helmets is definitely made for you.

High-quality materials for ultimate protection

There are two layers of protection in this helmet made from the highest quality materials found in the market. The outermost layer is lined with carbon fibre panels which are excellent materials that can withstand great force, and these also protect the internal lining of the exoskeleton which are Sorbothane bumpers which are great absorbers of impact and allow it to disperse across the surface of the helmet. The grills on the face guard are made from titanium and have been tested against impacts from speeds up to 120 miles per hour (an average cricket ball speed is around 100 mph). This will allow overall protection from any direction.

Bespoke for improved performance and versatility

The Ffrost brand believes that quality also considers the player’s comfort in wearing the helmet for long periods of time. The Ffrost Cricket Helmets are made to be the most lightweight headgear in the market, with a tailored fit to allow maximum comfort that will bring out the best in a player. Using the latest 3D-scanning technology, it creates a perfect helmet, especially for you. 

In addition, there are two models that you can choose from, Club or Pro. The Club model is your regular wear, for casual sports events. The Pro model especially caters to professional players, for which designs are allowed to vary and to accommodate logos, brand colours, and all other adjustments to the look. The 3D scans for the players are kept to be able to create more helmets in the future as necessary and allow easier changing of designs in the case that the player has multiple teams.

The Ffrost brand creates a line of helmets built for safety and individual comfort. Find out more about their other helmets here: Ffrost Safety Helmets