Safety helmets are a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that aim to protect the head from heavy blows. A common safety helmet used in construction sites is a hard hat, which is designed to protect the head from various work hazards such as falling objects or debris, and even electricity.

Recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on construction statistics for 2020-2021 shows that one of the fatal injuries in the construction industry is due to falling from great heights. On top of this fact, poor-quality, faulty, or expired safety helmets may compromise the protection it offers, and may even cause other issues in safety. To counter this, the British Standard EN 397 is set for the design and quality of industrial safety helmets available for distribution.

The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet

The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet is an exceptional safety helmet designed to standard, branded as a Premium Protection Product manufactured with the highest quality materials. It is built with the perfect specifications which cater to each individual’s unique features. Read on below to find out more about our very own Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet.

The material

The Ffrost safety construction helmet is made from the finest quality materials to ensure that it follows the standard for every safety category. The outer shell is made out of carbon fibre combined with Sorbothane to ensure that the impact points are dispersed evenly across the surface of the helmet, reducing the risk of concussions, while remaining lightweight and durable. The inner lining is dipped in polymer, further absorbing and redistributing the energy from targeted impacts to the head.

The functionality

The main priority of safety helmets is to protect the wearer’s head from various types of hazards that may cause injury to the head. While the hard hat alone provides adequate safety from falling or flying objects, cushioning the head when falling from certain heights, or even electrocution, it may also provide protection from various hazards at a construction site. Special attachment points are added to the design to fasten visors and ear protectors, without compromising the mobility of the wearer. The helmet will also come with a bag to help protect it while not worn, to preserve its perfect condition.

The uniqueness

Each Ffrost safety helmet is unique not only because its design is customizable, but because it uses 3D scanning technology to tailor to the wearer’s head shape and size. A team of expert designers and manufacturers work together to create a wonderful and comfortable everyday experience for any person working in the industry. The fit will ensure maximum protection which will secure the helmet on the wearer’s head, removing the possibility of injuries due to incorrect sizing of the helmet.

The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet was built on the vision that safety and comfort should go hand-in-hand, not as trade-offs. That is why, it is our responsibility as a brand, to live up to our promise of keeping you safe and secure without compromising your productivity or efficiency.